Paris attack & Crimea attack. What both have in common?

Paris attack is a topic which is on the mouths of people all around the globe for last days. Does it mean we should be scared to go to France? Do you remember a story of Crimea? Wasn’t it similar to Paris attack? Listen to me carefully, because I was in both those places few months before all that mess happened.

Crimea attack 2014

I was lucky enough to plan a month trip to Ukraine with my good friend in summer 2013. We’ve been in Kiev, Odessa then in Crimean Simferopol & Sevastopol and more. Our main destination was Kazantip, but we fell in love in all places we’ve seen. The Crimean Peninsula is a very calm and beautiful place. I can say that one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in my life. Pure nature. I dreamed to go back there one day. However, now after Russians took over control there it doesn’t seem like heaven for me any more. In my mind is a question: Is it worth to go there again or is it better to live with good memories?

Paris attack 2015

Will it happen the same with the thoughts about France in my mind? Or maybe it is already happening? I was in France in April this year. Small travel before settling down in Ibiza for a while. Cote d’Azur was main place that I was spending my time. Now France may be one of the main targets of so called terrorists who will try to put enough pressure to make UEFA EURO 2016 being cancelled. I don’t thing they are able to make enough mess not being traced down and stopped soon. European police is well organized and don’t let acts like that happen often.

To summarize, France wasn’t attacked by another country, but by some group which wanted to show that is in control. This is the difference. Maybe that’s the reason that I’m still not scared to go to France again. And let’s face the truth that all places in France are better protected than in Crimea and even if something unexpected similar to shootings from last weeks Friday Paris attack happens, everything quickly comes back to normal. All people affected will be able to feel free again. One of the elements of feeling happy is being able to feel free:)

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