What hosting to choose to be happy?

A few days ago I described his adventure with the preparation of space for your website (hosting) from scratch. Read about setting up domain name now, or continue reading and counsel You what hosting to choose giving specific examples. This decision should be thought out, because usually you make it for a year, so any change will force you to extra costs, and absolutely do not want.

I started their search from the check out the mostWhat hosting to choose? -The appearance of the control panel of my seohost popular companies on the market. There is a simple way, I typed in google ' hosting ' and jumped me some random results:) I looked at a few Parties and interested in me deals: hekko, kei and seohost. In each of them I signed up for the free trial server and I decided on the latter. Go to the page hosting seohost to register (enter name, email, phone and password) and view the available deals. Web hosting also has the cheapest domain '. ' on the Polish market. By signing up through my link you will join my group zreferowanych people and in this way I'll have the satisfaction that my article would come in handy. Thank you. Hosting seohost is my personal choice and each of us should follow other criteria when choosing, since everyone has different expectations. About 85% of the deals all hosters like the cover, and the criteria on which we should pay attention, because on them depends on our comfort and our users are:

  • price
  • the amount of available disk space
  • transfer limit (!)
  • number of supported databases and email accounts


Time to decide what hosting to choose-tips:

Transfer is usually limited, and this means that the amount of data downloaded by the users of our site and the amount of data sent by us to the server must fit within a certain limit. Persons forming a completely new page should not worry about this, because it is not easy to use the entire transfer, the rest should be aware of what it needs. It is also important to speed the server response, which ideally should be less than 50ms.

The amount of available disk space selected depending on whether we're going to throw on the server large files of photos or videos. In most cases, 1 GB will be sufficient, I decided on just such a capacity. The speed also is important here. Servers with SSD drives should especially catch your attention.

Of course, I want more, the more you're going to have to pay for the service. I wanted to have enough to carry two stronek Web and playing WordPress, so any of the above, I was not a demanding client. Well, in addition to SSD drives that I wanted to be sure for the convenience of the visitors to my website, because I am writing a page just for you. For my convenience, however, is hosting the most important server reliability and the best technical support available 24 hours a day, preferably as often I sit up all night, and in seohost it happened that I received a reply to your query just late at night! Wow! Seohost servers for the last 2 months were reliable, and sometimes when you don't know how to set up something and I needed expert advice I received a quick response. Both aspects (reliability and customer service) I researched by reading reviews on forums and DIFFERENT! websites. Very important is the word 'różnych '. Why? Tests and reviews Web hosting 'jaki type select ' are often sponsored by companies, and reviews in the forums are often fabricated-this is called whisper marketing.

To sum up, the information gathered by the question "what hosting to choose" the best for me is the offer of the company seohost. I have a server with them and purchased a domain name, and with customer service I used several times and always got quick and above all in the 100% helpful answer. If you are still wondering what to follow when choosing hosting-to visit my friend 'Pana's a few more words on the topic-the most significant of these are user reviews-Remember! And of course everyone in the choice should be guided by individual needs. It is much easier to when purchasing a domain. As already mentioned, seohost is the cheapest roszerzeniem domain ' .com ' in the country and also have bought with them. Go on a clear ranking domain companies, despite the distant date of creation of the article the author gave me know that the prices updated a month ago. Write me your feedback at the bottom of the comment.

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