Visit to Alhambra Granada

Last week during Spanish ‘puente weekend’, which means in Spanish slang ‘a long weekend’, I finally decided to pay a visit to Alhambra Granada. It’s the most well known place around and because it is visible from far away it became an object of admiration by many. Especially visitors of ‘Mirador de San Nicolas’ in Albayzin neighbourhood of Granada can see an Alhambra palace in its full sublimity.

Alhambra means “the red one” and it is a palace and fortress complex. In 889 it was constructed as a small fortress and in the 13th century was completely rebuild by Moorish emir Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar. In 1333 Sultan of Granada Yusuf I from Nasrid dynasty converted it to a royal palace. In 1492 Catolic Monarchs conquested Granada and overcame last Moorish muslim dynasty, which I mentioned above. The Palace of Charles V was built in 1527 in the centre. It became one of Spain’s major tourist attractions, exhibiting the country’s most significant and well known Islamic architecture.

Visit to Alhambra Granada

visit to Alhambra Granada - Patio of the Gilded Room
Patio of the Gilded Room
Arabesques in Alhambra
Arabesques in Alhambra

From the entrance I headed straight to the Nasrid Palace as my ticket stated admittance for 2pm. After the brisk walk through the garden path I was at the door. People were
queuing and after a short while we ere allowed inside. I was amazed by all what I was able to see inside. All walls and even ceilings are masterpieces. Everything decorated with Arabic inscriptions that are manipulated into geometrical patterns called arabesques. My attention gained windows in unusual shape with stunning views on all surrounding city of Granada. Inside beautiful patios with unusual fountains providing water. Especially beautiful marble Fountain of Lions. Moors were proud of their ingenious hydraulic system and I completely understand why. It amazes me till today.

Charles V Palace inside
Charles V Palace inside square

When I was thinking I saw a lot the reality was that my visit to Alhambra Granada has just
started. Next place to have a look at was the Charles V Palace. A big building made of large stones outside and with round square inside surrounded by many columns. Impressive and unusual place.

Alcazaba flags on the tower
Alcazaba’s 4 flags on the tower


Walking through the Puerta del Vino (Gate of wine) I got to the highest point of all complex which is Alcazaba were is located the highest wall of the fortress and its tower on top of which are four flags of Spain, Portugal, Granada and Andalusia. Beautiful view on all around from there. For typical person from here unusual is forest of green trees which started to change their colour for red and yellow. FromSierra Nevada view from Alcazaba my point of view that’s very normal, because in Poland we have plenty of trees and I was born there. I liked to look far away at the mountains of Sierra Nevada covered with snow. This view is very unique for me.

On the picture view of Sierra Nevada


Generalife fountains
Generalife fountains

Last point of the visit to Alhambra Granada was Generalife. I needed to rush to there as I spent plenty of time in previous locations. I had just half an hour left! It was a leisure place for the kings of Granada. In the palace is many beautiful fountains, but here is even more. Plenty of water, flours and very green gardens. Buildings are very simple. This place was definitely created to run away from splendid life to contemplate in peace close to the nature.

My visit to Alhambra Granada was an amazing experience. I spent there full 4h and it definitely wasn’t enough. I’ve seen an architecture like never before in my life. Now is late autumn, so the nature was preparing for winter. I would like to come back to Alhambra in April or May to see the nature awaken. It must be the most beautiful period to visit the Nasrid Palace and Generalife.

Court of the Myrties Wall arabesques in Alhambra
Daraxa's Mirador
Beautiful arabesques Alhambra Granada
Decorated wall of Palacios NazariesDaraxa's Garden
Decoration of Palacios Nazariesstairs generalife Small door in Nasrid PalaceCeiling of east Hall by Palace of the Lions
Hall of the Abencerrajes in AlhambraLadies Tower AlhambraCharles V Palace from outsideOrange trees Generalife


Alhambra view from Generalifearabic coffee in Granada

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