Modlin airport to Warsaw – how it may be done

So you decided to come to beautiful Warsaw and because you’ve heard it is very cheap in Poland. On top of that the flight was a bargain. Don’t tell me that once you landed you started to feel lost? How to get from the Modlin airport to Warsaw? Nothing to worry. It is not a rocket science. I will explain it to you in a few words.

travel modlin airport to warsaw - trainThere’s 3 main ways to get from Modlin airport to Warsaw: taxi, ModlinBus and by train. I wrote them from the fastest and the most expensive to the slowest and the chapest.

Of course to get a taxi is the easiest way to move around. You won’t need to wait for departure and it will take you to the preferred address directly. However, you will need to pay the most. Probably between 100 and 200 polish zloties.

Second option is ModlinBus. It runs frequently – once per hour – and you travel by coach directly from the airport to the Palace of Culture and Science┬áin the city centre of Warsaw. It cost about 33zl and it takes 40 minutes to get to the destination.

There’s one more and the cheapest – 17zl – way of transport which I usually use, because I Modlin airport to Warsaw timetableneed to travel either to my friends in Warsaw or to my hometown. If you need to travel outside of Warsaw you may like this option. First of all you should go to information desk or to the big touch screen where you will be able to get more information about buses/trains you need to catch. Once you know where you’re going you start your travel in a bus which takes you in 10 minutes to the nearest train station. There you take one of the trains which take you to the city centre of Warsaw and in the city centre you may use any public transport for 1h what is included in your 17zl ticket. 3 in 1 ­čÖé Cool, but takes about 70 minutes to get to the Warsaw city centre.

Modlin airport to Warsaw

Flying to Modlin airport the flight is cheap and in most cases it is definitely worth doing it. You just must be prepared to spend some time in a taxi, bus or train to get from Modlin airport to Warsaw city centre.

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