The Great Orchestra of Christmas Aid

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Aid (GOCA or WOŚP – Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy in Polish) is one of the biggest charity organizations in Poland. It is non-governmental and non-profit. It collects money for causes connected with human health and helping sick children. It provides courses in CPR and ECC which is connected with saving people lives too.światła miasta Siedlce nocą

The Grand Final of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Aid happens every year on first or second Sunday of January. On the day of Grand Final are organized music events all across the country. Those events are sponsored by companies from Poland and organized by volunteers except only one the biggest event in front of Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw which is hosted by GOCA. All day long and during those events many volunteers heart of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Aidwalk on the streets with cans where everyone can donate money and support The Great Orchestra of Christmas Aid. Each volunteer has got an identification card and in return for a donation hands out a red sticker with heart and name of the charity on it.


At the end of the day at 8pm in every place all across the country is an event called ‘light to the heaven’ when fireworks displays are carried out.


food stall Siedlcechoinka w centrum Siedlec








The Great Orchestra of Christmas Aid in Siedlce

This year I was in Poland, so I decide to participate in the event in my hometown Siedlce. Norbi SiedlceIt was small, but well organized. It was cold, so we went mainly to see the fireworks display. But before it happened we had an opportunity to listen to one of the Polish music stars – Norbi and his top song – Kobiety są gorące 🙂 Was fun. Later some announcements from organizers and sponsors and Dr Magda Daniel who is my cousins aunt and fireworks display started. I post some pictures for fireworks lovers.


During that event I met couple nice people, but Polish people are very shy and distrustful. Those features make hard for me life in Poland. I think everyone should be open and outgoing like for example in United States, Canada, Russia or Brazil.

fireworks Siedlce fireworks Siedlce fireworks Siedlce

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