Chopin and Modlin airport in Warsaw. My personal experience.

Hello everyone 🙂 Nice that you came back to read my blog about my experiences from different periods of my life. As I fly quite often – on average one flight per month – I have quite big experience from airports all over the world. I will write about ones from Warsaw airports as there I always feel strange and strange things happen to me.

Chopin airportlotnisko rozkład lotów

This one is located in the city centre  of Warsaw. I fly from here sometimes. Once I had a transfer here. I had half empty small jar of Nutella in my hand luggage. I love chocolate and always try to carry some on me. As I passed security on other European airport noone even told me to take it out of the bag. On Chopin airport they did something unbelievable. They scanned my hand luggage, told me to open it, took out and opened my Nutella. I was shocked! I always have chocolate in my hand luggage and those people told me I would need to leave it. I had a short argument with all people working by the scanners, but it didn’t change anything. I needed to go to catch my plane and leave delicious Nutella behind.

Modlin airport

Just fed days ago I flew from Modlin airport to Malaga. I haven’t been living in Poland for 7 years now and I may look different for them, because always they check me very carefully and look at me suspiciously. Once even were checking seams in my jeans to check if something is hidden there. This time I took off my shoes and removed all metal objects except my necklace which was a stone hanging on a small piece of metal. The machine beeped, i was routinely searched and later all my things, I mean clothes on me and thing which came through x-ray can like my jacket and my belongings inside my hand luggage were scanned by some detector – probably metal.

To sum up, I love to fly to distant different places, but I think people in Poland check me always as carefully as possible which is usually annoying. They don’t even smile.

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