Beautiful day in Granada :) Sacromonte, Albaicin, Mirador de San Cristobal and San Miguel

Have you ever been to Granada? As I live there believe me that here is plenty of beautiful things to see and always something to do. I wrote an article about my visit to Alhambra and now I would like to share with you one of my days in the city, so you may imagine how is it to live here.

Granada panorama

It was one of many sunny days, so I decided to do some sport. I put on my running shoes and set off from Cerillo de Maracena neighbourhood. I run nort east through small streets and hills. I love to see buildings in different parts of the city. I don’t know how it’s possible, but they are always stunning. Have a look at some pictures!

Puerta de Elvira Granada
Puerta de Elvira Granada

Puerta in GranadaRoundabout Granada
Granada Tower








I stopped for a while on Mirador de San Cristobal which is not too far and it is possible to admire most of the city. Here is the photo, so you can imagine, but of course it is better to be there and feel it!

Mirador de San Cristobal











I continued to jog uphill, because in Sacromonte neighbourhood is a church on top of the mountain. It is much higher point, so the view is much better as well. Climb is absolutely worth the effort, to see all the city and Alhambra. On the way down you may stop in some of the bars to have some delicious food or maybe a drink with tapas? Whatever you fancy, because food in that city is delicious and you can’t miss it.

Church of San Miguelview of Granada



I like a lot to climb on top and just look down at the city, look up at the blue sky and look around on the mountains of Sierra Nevada. It makes me very realxed and I feel better. try it. Believe me not everyone is so lucky, to have a short walk and be in the place where all surrounding area is below your feet. If you feel lazy, or just don’t have enough time, you may take a bus to get there. I hope that my pictures convince you to be in Granada 🙂

Stairs to walk to the Mirador de San MiguelHorses in GranadaChurch in Albaicin

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