Traveling by plane

I like to travel. What about you? Traveling by plane is the most convenient for me and if you wonder why I will share with you my point of view. Many of you have got means of transport like a bicycle and a car or traveled by train to some distant destination. I am sure you enjoyed most of your travels, but don’t you think that traveling by plane is the quickest, the safest, the most reliable? I have many friends who’s never been on the plane and all I hear from them is ‘Ahhh! turbulences! I’m afraid of that!’ hahaha

At the beginning of this month I traveled from Malaga to Warsaw. These two cities are very far from each other. The first thing that I needed to do was get to the airport. Usually there is many buses which I can choose from. Once I am on the airport I sit down and watch people. I like to watch through the big windows of the waiting hall planes taking off. Sometimes when the flight is at the unusual hour or I slept not enough before my travel I use the time I need to wait for a short nap. Of course having a nap isn’t the safest option as it’s easy to oversleep. I recommend to set an alarm clock which will ring some minutes before opening of the gate. If you have someone traveling with you you may ask your companion to do the same.

Once on the plane I relax again an if I am at least a little tired after my trip to the airport I let my body to fall asleep. If the flight lasts more than 3h then rarely I manage to sleep all duration of the flight. Otherwise I wake up when the pilot starts to prepare to land and communicate to fasten the seat belt.

I am rested again and then the final bit of the travel left. It’s very convenient to fly, as opposite to driving, there’s less responsibility and the experienced pilots care to take me safely home. I feel very comfortable while traveling by plane. I hope it would stay like that forever. I recommend all of you to try if you haven’t done so.

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