Racism in Poland, Warsaw and not only…

This weekend we went with friends to Warsaw to listen to Alan Fitzpatrick. He is a DJ and plays drumcode kind of music which we enjoy to listen to with my friends and one of them even loves it! The party was amazing. We had a quality time! I am so happy I could be there. As I have been living back in Poland for a few months it was for me an occasion to observe how does Polish people behave. It was the worst part of my overall weekend experience.

My friends are from different backgrounds and I always get on well with them as we are open minded people. I don’t judge people by just looking at them. What can I know about the other person by just looking at him/her?

At the entrance to the club I noticed there is going to be a lot of Polish people inside. Queue was quite long and almost each Polish person was pushing onto another instead of waiting patiently. The doorman needed to tell many times to not to squeeze at the door and take a step backward.

By the counter wasn’t possible to pay by card, so I paid an entrance for my friend from Congo. As I paid one of the bouncers must had seen me, because when I passed the counter and was entering the club he pulled me rough by my jacket to search me like he shouldn’t do. Short conversation in Polish looked like that:

I said: -‘I can unzip my jacket to make it easier for you.’ -‘What did you say?’ -‘I will unzip my jacket, ok?’

He just touched my front pockets and let me go without saying anything. I think he didn’t realize I’m from Poland and I’ll be able to talk with him.

That was just a small incident. The other one which for a long time will stay in my memory is what had happened in the morning. We were walking to an after party in the city center of Warsaw when suddenly one of the passers by walk onto my friend from Congo. When I realized what had just happened they almost started to fight which I avoided by holding them aside. What the Polish guy said next was something which I would have never expected… -‘Poland is my country and all foreigners should walk out of my way!’

Where all those dumb people are coming from? This one was lucky, but the next one will have more painful lesson for messing up with my friends. Wake up Polish people! You are not the centre of the Universe!

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