Trip to Wroclaw, Poland

Hey. In February Ryanair was doing big discounts on some flights, so I decided to go somewhere for a weekend. One of my good friends study in Wroclaw and I promised to visit him, then the choice was very easy for me. Trip to Wroclaw was the next thing to do in my itinerary.

I found a return ticket for 4 euro, but as I delayed with the purchase one day, it went up to 7 euro. Still a great deal, so I bought it. There’s no often an opportunity to visit other cities, so it’s good to grab a chance when it’s available and this time it was a definitely good idea.

I arrived on Friday morning, so I had some rest after the travel and we went to the city. I was going to sleep in a dormitory of my friend on Friday night, on Saturday night we were going to have a crazy night out and on Sunday we were going to sleep in a dormitory again.

On Friday night we decided to go out for a beer with some other friends to have some fun. We met some other people and some girl started to like my friend and next thing we were in a disco club. It was fun, however the music was quite old. I mean like 10 years old, but with friend was fun. Finally one of the girls liked my friend, so she invited us to her house. Her friend gave us even BIGOS, a traditional Polish food. We needed that, it was very tasty. Finally all of us went to sleep tipsy and tired. We woke up about midnight and it was time to come back to dormitory. oh LOL, I’ve just paid for the stay for a night that I wasn’t here. On Sat I won’t make the same mistake!

Saturday night we spent all evening smoking and drinking and later we went to a disco club with techno music. They were closing at 5am, so we met some people which showed us an other place which shut at 7am or even later… We stayed only till 6:30am. Too tired. A lot of fun!

Sunday I spent sleeping  almost all day, but in the afternoon I managed to do some sightseeing. About 11pm the next party begun as some students arrived to our room. We drunk a little, laughed and listened to the music.

Finally at 2pm was the time of departure, so I left the dormitory and headed for my plane to the airport. I went straight to work happy that I had such an amazing time in Wroclaw. The next trip we planned was to Prague 🙂

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