Trip to Budapest. One of my dreams came true.

It was just before Easter when I realized I hadn’t planned nothing for Easter time and I know that in Siedlce is not much to do in that period of time. Everyone in Poland prepares food which will be eaten later with the family. There is always a lot o food. More than anyone is able to eat, but an Easter is a day when a big part of the family sits by a big table for few hours eating and very often drinking until the evening.

I wasn’t going to spend my day like that. As I had some spare time on hand I wanted to do something unusual. I asked my friend who is on Erasmus in Warsaw what is she going to do those days. She shared with me some of her ideas and as I liked the cost of travel to Budapest and as I’ve wanted to see that city since the day I rejected an opportunity to work there there wasn’t much to think about. I decided to buy my ticket regardless of that if my friend is going or not. I would be there 🙂

This time I traveled from Warsaw with company called PolskiBUS. It is very popular among Polish people. The bus took me directly from Warsaw to Budapest. Unfortunately the trip was very long which I expected. What I didn’t expect was an almost 2h delay and that there on’t be music or movies on board. Ecolines spoiled me. haha

I planned a very short stay there, so directly after my arrival I headed to some place with food and drinks 🙂 I arrived about 11pm, so the night had already started. I headed next to some clubs which were not far from the centre. They were a typical tourist attraction. The places were typically English. At least half of the people there were from England. It was ok and I stayed till the morning, but I’m sure somewhere in that city are places that have more locals than tourists. I will need to visit them next time.

Next day was to relax and see some of the city. I contacted with my friend Gabor who had an idea to go to baths which he discovered recently in his neighbourhood. I couldn’t say NO on my relax day. We spent there a couple of hours with some other friend of his. Thermal baths outdoors and indoors made magic to our bodies. In between we visited saunas. Finnish sauna and steam sauna were our favourites.

Thank’s to courtesy of Gabor I had an opportunity to have a tasty dinner in some local place. We went to his place to have some Palinka after that. It was a very good afternoon. There were still some sightseeing to do, so we headed to the centre and then on the other side of the river. Here in Budapest they have a Danube river separating the city in two. One side is called Buda and the other Pest. Actually it became a single city on 17th of November 1873 with the unification of Buda and Óbuda on the west bank, with Pest on the east bank.

From the hill we were able to see a beautiful panorama of the city. I was happy I arrived here and it was great that my friend had some time to spend with me. Thanks to that I was able to get to know more about the Budapest. It was good to see him too. Next place where we would be able to meet would be probably Ibiza.

My friend went to celebrate his name day with his girlfriend and I had few hours more to spend in the city. I loved it bridges too. I find it very relaxing to have a stroll through the bridge. There are 12 of them in Budapest with the most famous the Chain Bridge. I liked a lot Liberty Bridge.

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