Amsterdam arrival

The Central Train Station was localized in a perfect place. From there I headed straight to my hostel admiring everything around me and taking pictures. The weather was sunny, a lot of people around, nice buildings. The most unusual was an amount of bicycles. People were riding in every direction fast, very fast!

After short walk I found my hostel. I hadn’t managed to approach the door when I was greeted by a stranger. He arrived the day before and we had a friendly chat about an impression which the city made on us. It was already evening when I checked in. I left my stuff and went for a walk with my new acquaintance from the US.

We wanted to start with food, but before we had a chance to find a place to eat, some passer by started to talk with us. It was 55 years old Rob who noticed we’re tourists and wanted to give some advice. He told us about places to eat and even more: short story of his life, about Dutch people and Amsterdam itself. We were happy to had met him. After having a meal in recommended by him a very tasty Italian restaurant we headed to some bars. Another friendly Dutch person showed us around, so we knew where to go. Before he left we managed to have a beer with him. That night left on us a very good impression of Amsterdam.

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