Trip to Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam is a very popular city in Europe because of its vivid life. Here is a great mixture of people with various backgrounds living together. Amsterdam, but not only, is one of the most popular places where Polish people decide to work too. For a long time this place was on my list places to visit, but as its weather i similar to English I constantly postponed my trip in time.

Finally with a small help of my acquaintance, who I haven’t seen for about 7 years, I started to plan and organize the trip. She recommended me that place – she lives in Holland – and I made her promise that when I come we’ll try to meet. Now I’m on a plane to Brussels Charleroi from where I will get to Amsterdam.

After arrival I noticed many military people walking around and I was a bit lost in the place where all names of places were in a strangely written language. I went outside to get some fresh air and look around as it was a sunny day. When I tried to reenter the building I was told that only passengers are allowed to pass!! I was cut off of the information desk and Internet in some completely new place:/

Luckily I managed to convince the security guards with big arms to let me pass. I organized my trip by train and set off. First nice thing was that taxi drivers were collecting people and organizing group transport to the Charleroi train station which cost less than a bus ride 🙂

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