Leaving Amsterdam

I woke up to get to the buffet while breakfast was served. I liked the food there. It was much better than in many holiday resorts I’ve been to. I would say it was like at home. We checked out – I & Christian. Went for a short walk and sat down to have a drink and the last chat during our stay in Amsterdam. He is a cool guy. I hope he enjoys Europe. He invited me to the US, cause he lives in Maine, but I think it’s not probable I’m around one day. Sooner he comes to Europe again.

On that day I’ve heard the strangest conversation on the phone while traveling by train. A Polish woman apologized to her friend for not flushing the toilet where poo of her small daughter was left. She explained herself that she didn’t know how to flush it. lol. Sometimes Polish people have got really shit ideas.

It was raining for the most of the time while traveling by train and rain makes me feel melancholic. I’m happy I fly to Madrid. The weather is better, there are my friends and there should be lots of laugh.

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