Rainy Amsterdam

My eyes opened at 8am to be able comfortably eat the breakfast before they stopped to serve it. My Argentinian roommate – Nicolas – was there already, so we had a chat regarding our lives and our trips. Later my friend from the US joined us. We enjoyed the conversation while it was constantly raining outside. The real Amsterdam – I thought. My Argentinian friend was leaving to Brussels. I had a walk regardless of bad weather. The rain didn’t stop bicycle lovers. They were riding now with an umbrella in one hand. Wow! Dutch people have got excellent biking skills.

When the day started to be sunny again in the late afternoon I took my camera and begun another photography tour.

All in all it was a very happy day. I met my old friend. For an intelligent person like she who makes me feel comfortable when is around there would be always a place in my life.

On the last night here I went to discover Red Light District which is one of the most famous parts of the city.

My friend from the US finally decided he would go to Naples the next day. There will be his next stop and I helped him to arrange it wisely.

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