Madrid, Spain, short visit

The plane arrived very late, but I still managed to use the metro which runs until 1am what my friend told me. Two changes of lines were necessary , but finally I arrived airport_madrid_moving_lanewithout disruptions and with help of people I found a street which was only two crossroads away from metro station. I’ve heard the music of the guitar and people singing and laughing above, so I knew I’m in the right place. They were having a party!

I rang the bell of the door downstairs. Miguel let me in and I went by lift to the 5th floor where I gave a big hug to the waiting Miguel. He is a very good person. Always helpful with a social spirit. When I entered the living room about 10 people where waiting to greet me. Some of them I met before and some I didn’t know, but they’ve heard stories about me from Grande Miguel 🙂 haha. I became quite famous among them and it’s a very pleasant situation. We respect each other and laugh with each other. They played guitar and we sang Spanish songs before we went out to a disco club where we spent all night. In the morning some guys went to an after party., but me with few people returned home. I needed to prepare for my bus at 10:30 which was going to take me to Granada – the next stop in my short journey. It was a very big coincidence that all those people, including me, gathered in Miguel’s flat. Noone made an arrangement with each other before. We just appeared and could celebrate. Me, friends from Madrid, friends from Alicante who came for 2 days visit.

Each day is a big surprise and that’s beautiful in life. I’m happy to know Miguel. We have got many good memories together.

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