Granada, Spain, 1st day

5h took travel by bus from Madrid. I know Granada, cause I lived here before for a few months. I wanted some food and to find my hostel in the city centre where I could finally have some rest. It took me some time to find it, as I didn’t take the map to the place with me. I knew which neighbourhood it was located in and off which street i should walk, but as it’s Spain and that part of the city is very old with a maze of small streets I wasn’t able to find it without a guidance of people. Luckily n my way I found an open restaurant where I could have a proper dinner. After that walking wasn’t difficult, however at some point I wanted to have a nap.

Once in hostel I checked in, received my magnetic card to open the door and when entered the room I noticed that all beds are empty. All four of them. I’s not like Amsterdam – I thought. The same evening I met with Naya who study here. We ended up watching a horror movie called Mirrors which scared, but actors didn’t do great job.

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