Granada, next two days

The most beautiful days of this year. I spent them with Naya. We talked, laughed, cooked, slept, etc. I haven’t been smiling and laughing so much like during those days for a long time. That girl is a big smile factory. I love to spend time with her, though sometimes we don’t get on very well… then storm begins.

My big hobby is taking pictures and I was lucky that Naya agreed to be my model for a whole day. I was able to practice my skills and I hope she would be happy from her photoshoot. She was a perfect model. Tall with a beautiful smile. She understood how to pose.

After the photoshoot and a long walk around the city Naya took me to one of the tapas bars which she knew as she often meets up with friends for a drink and she knew they served delicious food there. We drunk some beer and even more red wine. Tasty tapas with chicken, tuna, cheese, sausage, beef, etc. filled up our bellies. What a feast!

That was the final evening of my visit. Next day since early hours it was raining a lot. I was soaked wet before I got to the bus station from where I headed to Malaga airport to catch the plane. Beautiful Naya accompanied me to the bus station in Granada and on the way showed me the place where we’re able to buy warm toasties and some sweet muffins. She spoiled me a lot with all this Spanish food. I’ll miss all.

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