Champions League evening in bars of Siedlce

Semi finals of Champions League were on that evening. It was the game between Atlético Madryt and FC Bayern Munich. First of those teams I liked for the last few years. I like the style of football they play. I heard from time to time about their successes while living in Spain. On the other side Bayern Munich with the best Polish player playing for them – Robert Lewandowski. I wanted to watch this game. I was emotionally connected with both teams.

As in public television the game wasn’t broadcast I needed to go to some pub. Not all of them are showing the game, but I was lucky that evening that my father gave me a ride, so it was easy to check and find the place. I went to the place called Piwiarnia in the city centre next to the main shopping mall – Galeria Siedlce. I asked for the strongest beer they had and begun to watch the game. Later I realized that the beer had 9.5% of alcohol, so I was quite tipsy. haha

On the way back home I saw few people standing in front of the bar. I walked past this bar few times, but I had never been inside. It’s a new place and I always wondered how it is like inside. People looked friendly and not to drunk, so I decided to ask. It didn’t took long for them to invite me to join them inside. Those 4 strangers offered me to join them in the bar and as I was curious how its interior looks like I decided to join them for few minutes.

We went downstairs then to enter through the door into the place. It was then when I noticed that there is about 20 of them in total. I sat down introducing myself. Why is so many of them? I was told one girl has got her birthday and most of the people are coworkers from the cinema that they all work. They were few years younger than me, but unusually friendly. In Siedlce is not easy to find open people who like to get to know strangers. I was even offered few shots of vodka, but I needed to sober a little I didn’t want to get to drunk. They convinced me to have a cocktail with them. That was absolutely enough for me. It was a karaoke evening, so we sang few songs together too. However, the music was mediocre.

In the end I wanted to take a group photo to commemorate the pleasant time with them. Few f them were very drunk. Once we were outside one very drunk boy wanted to have a cigarette. I looked at him and told everyone that he would fall down of the stairs after having some of it and I took out the camera to record it. Unfortunately, 3 minutes later I started to gather people to take the photo and in that moment he rolled down. I missed it :/ He hit his head, but survived without major injuries. Noone was in the mood for the photo now. It started to rain and they put up their friend and we started to go to our homes. They lived not far from me, so we had few minutes walk together. They invited me to come to the cinema and they even offered me free entrance. Very kind people. That was a surprising, but very pleasant evening in Siedlce.

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