Warszawa, one evening with friends

My plane was delayed almost an hour, so I arrived late. It was about 9pm at Chopin airport. I made a call to my gilfriend, but a my friends knew I’m coming to Warsaw they started to call me and insist I come to them. Finally I told them I’ll come late as I wanted to finish the conversation on the phone, so some of them said they won’t be able to meet, because they know me and are aware that it would take a long time before I finish and arrive to the centre.

After my late arrival though we had some drinks and smoked. Being tired after all day travel made me fall asleep in a sitting position and next thing I remember was waking up in the morning in bed. I think something like that happened to me for the first time. Strange felling. I felt good when I woke up, just didn’t remember how it happened I ended up in bed. haha

One evening with friends in Warsaw developed and I stayed there from Wednesday night until Sunday afternoon.  During this time we met some more friends, visited some clubs and drunk, and smoked weed. Those were really chilled days.

I liked the one sunny day when we went to the small sandy beach on one bank of Vistula river. It was Friday’s afternoon. We had few beers, we met some people. People ere ok, the most funny was some girl who wanted to smoke with us and after 10 minutes, or even less, she started to laugh from everything and her friend, who kept the clear mind, decided to take her home immediately. I’m sure she had fun for the rest of the afternoon. hahaha. People wren’t too much fun. They looked at us, admired, payed compliments… boring stuff. The best for me was just being there for the first time in my life. Vistula river, some bridges, and already green trees and grass around us. It was something different. I liked the surroundings.

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