Majówka in Poland. What is it & how to celebrate it?

Hey. I’m going to tell you how is the beginning of May celebrated in Poland. Basically there are two main day to celebrate when everyone is off work. Many Polish people always try to organize some trip or meet with friends and family or just do some housework (repairing sink, painting the door, gardening, etc.) as everyone have got a lot of time on hand and the weather is usually warm and sunny already. Many people decide to do a barbecue and to drink vodka 😀

You may know already that on the 1st of May is a Labour Day (“Święto Pracy” in Polish) – also known in the world as International Workers’ Day. Since 1950 it is a national public holiday in Poland. This holiday is always followed by another important date for our country which is the 3rd of May – Constitution Day. This day celebrates the declaration of the Constitution of May 3, 1791. Polish constitution was the first in Europe and the second oldest in the world, just after the United States of America. It’s probably the most important civil holiday for Polish citizens and can be compared in importance to that of July 4 to the Americans.

The 2nd of May became a patriotic holiday, the Day of Polish Flag in 2004. On this day most of people need to go to work, unless they are clever enough to book the day off in advance to have really long ‘Majówka’ which is considered unofficially a start of barbecue season in Poland.

As I don’t have a typical job at the moment I didn’t plan anything special for those days. I celebrated them in disco clubs in Siedlce. On Friday I visited ZigZag which was opened 2 months ago and I’ve visited it for the first time now. DBomb – Polish disco-polo band was performing that evening. On Saturday I celebrated in Bohema with my friends and on Tuesday, the 3rd of May, I went to the concert of Polish raper who lives in UK now. He’s called Popek. I didn’t drink vodka from 50ml glasses like many do. haha

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