Popek’s concert in Siedlce

As I mentioned in my last post there was a concert of Polish hip hop artist called Popek in one of Siedlce’s clubs. I booked a ticket in advance to be sure I have an entrance. I like some of the music he with his band mates create. All group is called ‘Gang Albanii’ – Albanian’s Gang. The group was created in the end of 2014.

On the day of the event all tickets were sold out online, so I made a very good decision to book them few days in advance. Parties in Polish clubs starts about 10pm and finish normally at 3am. I arrived to the event about midnight and in front of it I met few people who were looking to get some tickets. It doesn’t happen often that well known artists come to Siedlce.

I don’t like the club where the event was held. Usually go there young people and people who like to fight too much. I prefer to have fun and laugh with people around me. The club was half full as the event was in only one room. The room was already full, because everyone was waiting for the hip hop group and wanted to be as close to the stage as possible. As I entered I fell instantly that there is boiling hot! Everyone’s bodies were wet from sweat. There wasn’t too many people. I think it’s because the ceiling of the room is very low, the people were standing there for a long time and probably the air-con wasn’t the best. I went forward, but stopped under one of the air vents. The cold air was going out from 1m above, but before it reached me it had a temperature of 20 Degrees Celcius, so it was only good enough to sweat in a slower pace.

In general I liked the concert. Some of their songs are really good, but Popek’s voice was destroyed… by drinking? They did a good concert in many moments giving a chance to sing to the public gathered who knew their songs very well.

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