Ibiza 2016 – arrival

After my manager from last summer contacted me with a good offer of employment I decided to go to Ibiza again. I bought two flights with a connection in Milan for 16th of May. After arrival I was greeted on the airport by Paul – supposedly from Austria.

Paul seemed a cool guy. He took me to the place where I would be staying. I paid the fee, signed documents and received my keys to the attic flat where I was living with 6 other nice people – Luka Croatia, Tom Belgium, Ingus Latvia, Weasley Holland, Elkin Columbia and Luis Denmark.

The next day I went to the morning meeting with my coworkers, but I didn’t feel like working yet, so I used the opportunity to go to the boat party which my company organized that day. It was a good event with 4h of open bar. However, I didn’t get completely wasted.

The first day at work was a bit strange. All day on the beach talking to strangers. I needed to regain my confidence and get used to new environment of life. My job was to invite people to parties. Few accepted invitations, so the day was successful:) After that all promotion staff partied on the pool party. Our manager organized for us bottles of Absolut Vodka and some food from Roni’s food corner. All of us got very drunk. When finally was midnight we went to Sankeys where I stayed till early morning hours. Was good fun. Although, Bjorn during that night behaved like crazy about a girl I was talking with. Haha. Good that we didn’t have a big argument about his strange behaviour.

On the weekend again parties. Saturday some Tribal Session in Sankeys and later SWAG with R&B and hip hop till the morning. We have a great people in a team who love to party. Manager is great too. He accompanies us and we have a lot of fun with him.

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