Ibiza life in June

Next 3 weeks in Ibiza brought many good moments. Me and Yannick moved into a new apartment. 6 people are supposed to live here in total and the first new arrival was Marketa – Czech girl. Made out with my friend on the first night here and then almost every night with someone new. She didn’t manage to stay long as couldn’t sell tickets, so ran out of money and came back to her country after about 10 days. Lol
Other arrivals were two Estonian girls. They didn’t smile and talk, but were very beautiful. However it was impossible to have a conversation with them as they always answered with one or two words. Ridiculous. I met Shafa the other day who was paying for a double room in Bahamas hotel – all inclusive, but was staying alone. I introduced those girls to him cause they quitted ticket selling job and he spent on them €150 each day and even couldn’t have a decent conversation with them. Lol2
A Turkish boy, family of Okan came too. He was a top seller in Turkey. Here he was only big headed and sold hardly nothing. Now he works as a promoter for the restaurant and is going to move out from our room. I reckon not later than Sunday.
Now here are 2 new girls in the second bedroom. One Lea from Germany and other one Viktoria from Canada, sister of Daryl – assistant manager. Both of them arrived few days ago. They did some training and today start to work for real.
Albi, my friend from last year is here too since Monday 🙂 Decided to join our team which is really cool.


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