Dallas Cowboys story – Ibiza

One of the typical days on the beach. I walk from one group of people to another. Suddenly I spotted two big black guys walking next to me. I approached them to have a conversation and to say about our party. 3 minutes later they agreed to come and were paying full price upfront – €50. I needed to take a name of one of them and an email first, to send them confirmation, but they didn’t care much about that part of the reservation process.
Next what they wanted was a boat party with a big stress on party. I took them to my friend Matt who was around and he sorted them out. Later I got to know that he carried on drinking with them for the next couple of hours.
They were American Football players from Dallas Cowboys team. That Sunday we went to Destino and suggested them to head there as well as Guy Gerber was playing at Rumours party. We met up there. Some of our friends left home, but me and Matt stayed till the end – midnight – with them. That evening I’ve seen purchase of the most expensive water. For 6 small bottles which cost €10 each they paid €100. This way leaving a big tip. Not for the first time that day.
We headed to Space after that. Party was called ‘Do not Sleep’. The club is big and it was not too busy. They decided to book a vip table for €3000 for all of us. A 4.5 litre bootle of Grey Goose on it. I drunk this night, but in the end I wasn’t wasted and managed to go to work next day. I invited my beautiful girl friends which I met on the beach to join us and Matt invited our work colleagues. We – me and Matt – went back home after the sunrise.
Then the Thursday came. I fully recovered after Sundays party. At 23:30 Matt called me that he booked for boys a table in Pacha and we may join them. As I had just finished my shower I said that we may go and 1h later we took a taxi to Pacha – David Guetta night. It’s not my favourite kind of music and the club was really full. It was hard to enjoy dancing, so that night I focused on drinking. Belvedere Vodka, tequila, hierbas ibizencas… All of that we drunk in excessive amounts! It was the last night of Dallas Cowboys in Ibiza. After it I wasn’t able to wake up to work and slept till the evening. Lol
Cowboys were very nice people. Down to earth, respectful, with a sense of humour. Just to big to talk with them comfortably in the club where the music played very loud. Matt plans to visit them in Dallas as both of us have an invitation to go.

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