Story of a prince, Las Vegas

A few days ago in Ibiza I met a peculiar couple from New York. The girl had a ring with a very big diamond on her finger. She told me they got married 2 days before in Venice. They met in Las Vegas, the city of casinos and parties.

The girl shared a story with me which was quite unusual. In Las Vegas obviously there’s possible to meet very rich people who just come to have fun. To one of the clubs came a prince whose name I’m not going to announce. He had fun and at some point was brought to him a pile of money which he started to throw at people on the dancefloor. After that event everyone brought to him the most beautiful girls in the club, so he can enjoy the night.

Then someone noticed that the prince doesn’t look happy and asked him: ‘you are around the most beautiful girls in the club, what do you need more?’

he answered: ‘I like boys’


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