Take Off Boat, San Antonio, Ibiza

While working in Ibiza from time to time we have competitions. One of them lasted for ten days and the winner was a person which managed to sell the biggest amount of party packages. Actually 9 first people were winning as the prize was going for a Take Off boat to San Antonio.
There were two boats. One bigger one and with a purpose to chill, the other one smaller and fast like a roller coaster to have fun. When we arrived to the port we were 18 people – half boat sellers, half party sellers. I wanted to jump on the fast boat which had an amazing acceleration, could do 360 degree spin, and stop almost immediately! More people wanted just to chill, so we needed to convince some of them to join the fast boat fun. The fun was unforgettable!
When we stopped at cala comte we were swimming in the water with …, some people jumped the cliff, some chilled at the boat listening to music and drinking beer. We decided to stay there to watch the sunset. On the way back new people boarded the fast boat, but the fun for them was shorter as the waves were smaller, so they didn’t jump so high and they couldn’t spin so much. It was getting dark so we needed to come back to the port.
It was a really amazing day. I’m happy I was highly ranked in the competition and could take part in that event with my coworkers.

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