The day of meeting nice people, Ibiza

It was a day as usual. Middle of September. All night I was on the party in Pacha with my friends, because Adam Beyer & Maceo Plex were playing. I had work next day from 12:00. In the morning I said goodbye to my friends on the roof top of my apartment in Playa den Bossa, because their holiday was over and they had a flight at 8am. We shared a bottle of red wine enjoying conversation.

At work I didn´t have 100% of energy, so I had a nap during my lunch break. When I came back to the beach a guy approached me saying that he would like to go to Hyte party in Amnesia tonight. I was promoting that party this day wearing its T-shirt. I explained him about open bar offer and cheaper entrance to the club which then he needed to discuss with his girl.

They decided to do it, so we had a short conversation. The girl lived in Tel Aviv and the man in London. Natalie, that was her name, told me about her country and invited me to stay at her place if I come to Tel Aviv. She offered as well to show me the city what is very cool 🙂 I´d love to go to Israel as it must be an amazing country. Getting to know the culture would be a cool experience. She told me to don´t let her wait too long for my visit, otherwise she won´t be able to accompany me in the discovering the city as she is getting old. hahaha! I need to make some effort to go there shortly.

Later during the same day I met Jamie, his girlfriend and his friends. It was already 6pm, so the day was finishing, but we enjoyed the conversation for over an hour until I needed to go to end my working day. We were talking casually about life values and our believes. Actually, he started to talk to me first. Later we realized we are quite similar. I told him about places that I would like still visit during my life and as Jamie lives in Australia in the Gold Coast, Queensland he offered me to stay at his place when I arrive. I told him that Australia is one of the places that I´d like to go and experience life there.

The day after the party normally goes slowly and body asks for rest, but this day in Ibiza was full of pleasant and surprising encounters. Basically the day when I met people who told me things that I wanted to know and who can be part of my future dreams.

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