End of the season. Leaving Ibiza

Summer was coming to the end and I needed to make decisions where I would like to go next as I didn´t want to stay during the winter in almost empty Ibiza. I was thinking some days before finally buying my flight tickets, so I paid double for being undecided. The first flight I took was to Malaga, so exactly the same way to fly out like last year. From there I could get pretty cheap to Gran Canaria, so I bought a flight there. Why? I´ve never been there before, so now it´s a chance to discover the place 🙂

After a short phone call I decided to visit Granada. Calm and beautiful city in the nearby mountains with a girl close to my heart living there.

Being here allowed me to relax and stop thinking about work. I enjoyed few drinks and some local tapas. As usual with that latin beauty we had too much fantastic and exhausting sex. Thanks to Naya I met few interesting people who told me about Marroco and I could make conscious decision regarding my travel during my short holiday after summer season in Ibiza. She showed me pictures of places in Tenerife too which was very nice of her, so I could know what to expect. Those islands seem calm and very different. Isn´t that what now I´m looking for?

Now richer in information I booked my flight tickets and finally decided to visit Marroco on a different occassion as now I won´t be able to enjoy it fully as I´m not well prepared to this kind of travel. One of the things I´m missing with me is my camera to take some amazing pictures from my trip.

Granada has a small disadvantage – it´s not easy to get out of here. Good that BlaBlaCar is popular in Spain, otherwise I would be stuck here without possibility to get to Malaga. Now I need to trust in the driver that I contacted that we´ll get there on time…


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