The worst club in Siedlce, Poland

3 weeks ago on Saturday my friend Michał came to Siedlce where I live and work now. I promised him I’ll join him on the night out. First he came to the bar where I was working for few drinks and left to the club. I finished my work after 2am and went to join him. He chose the club which is the worst for me in my hometown, because there are always fights. He convinced me to go there. We see each other twice a year, so it would be a shame to miss an opportunity to spend some time together. Moreover, bouncers were his friends, so hoped for a calm night. Bouncers in this club are the main people who like to fight or to slap someone in the face. At the beginning of the year they kicked me out of the club… Actually I didn’t want to stay there and they were provoking a fight when I was taking my jacket from a cloakroom.

This time was a bit different. I hardly drunk something. Alcohol only with bouncers when they invited me to join them. Here in Poland they drink a shot of vodka and after they bite a slice of orange. For me it is disgusting combination. Eating a slice of orange after a vodka shot makes me vomit. My friend Michał got extremely drunk (next day he called me telling he didn’t remember how we met in the club).

When the party finished we were still standing by the bar with bouncers and their girlfriends. Some drunk boy started to argue with my drunk friend. We told them to calm down. When they finished and I was waiting my friend, some other guy ran at me and pushed me on the floor. I stood up, but then someone else joined him and they kicked my ass. I hate people there! That was a bouncer who started the fight with me. As I heard later from my friends, the bouncer had been in jail and likes to kick someones ass. Since then I’ve heard about some other people who got blue eye from him.

I’m very grateful to one of my friends who told me some wise words. ‘Wounds on body would heal, but in the mind may stay for a long time’. I’m very happy he told me that. This way I can treat that like a thing which happen there and still notice many kind people around me every day & not see in them fighters and bad people.

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