Steve Aoki in Amnesia, Ibiza

As I lived not more than 10 minutes walk from Ushuaia I decided one September’s evening to go to the closing party of Robin Schultz. It was called Blue. Parties at Ushuaia finish early, because at midnight, so I could easily get some rest after that. I went just for the last hour anyway.

On my way back I met my friends Gaelle & Marlene, who were coming back from Ushuaia too. They were in a very happy mood. Drugs? Alcohol? both?? haha Anyway, they wanted to drink some whiskey, so we went directly to organize all ingredients needed. I took them to drink on the roof terrace in my apartment. I didn’t want to drink much, but with them was fun and finally I got quite drunk. On the way to my apartment I told Albi to join us and 4 of us had a lot of laugh. I wanted to go to Amnesia that night to see Steve Aoki. I have never seen him before and that night was a perfect opportunity. I needed to be in the club before 3am. Was it possible? I decided to go by bus as a bus stop was only 5 min away walking and it’s cheaper than taxi. Every half an hour passed one. I was aiming for the one at 2 am, so I left 5 to 2:00. While 1 min away from the bus stop I noticed the bus leaving! Oh no:( I came back to the roof top to carry on drinking with my friends. Quite drunk already and getting drunker. Time on the roof top with my friends was super. Lots of laugh. That night was really happy, but I still was motivated to see Aoki once in my life and I left for the bus at 2:30am. This time I left 3 min earlier. The bus left earlier too:( Or maybe drunk people walk slower?! who knows… Anyway, no taxis around, so I started to try hitchhiking. Some car finally stopped and I offered 10 euro to a driver for taking me to Amnesia.

I arrived just before Aoki started to play. The music was ok. It was cool to see him throwing big cakes at people:) A lot of people wanted to be caked. He had thrown 3 cakes. One flew very far into the face of a girl who was sitting on the neck of someone.

After that experience I must admit that Steve Aoki has a very good aim.

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