Melon story and some more… Ibiza

I remember a day in Ibiza when 4 of my friends were walking down the beach while suddenly they noticed Police officers running towards them. 2 of them had some illegal substances on them, so with heart beating fast they started to run away. Especially one got super scared. Big eyes, high blood pressure, sweating. One of them noticed the melon guy running away between them and the Police. They realized he was an object of the pursuit. Till today that story makes us laugh. 4 guys who know Ibiza very well were tricked by illegal seller of melons & pineapples. haha
Another one funny story which comes to my mind happened when we were having fun in Ushuaia. My friend met some German girls. While we were talking with them one noticed keys hanging down from the neck of my friend. They were on the Ushuaia’s branded lanyard. One of the girls asked about those keys and then I’ve heard the most random answer possible. My friend said: ‘The keys are for the office over there upstairs”. He is one of the coolest men I know. He absolutely knows how to make an impression. In fact, those were just his apartment keys. We’ve never been to the office in Ushuaia. We only come here to have fun, dance and to have a few drinks.
Ibiza is nice place to be, because there’s so many positive people. In Ibiza is no place and time for anything else than being happy.

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