Short trip to Łódź to meet friends, Poland

For the time being I live in a quite small and boring city called Siedlce. It is my hometown. Every now and then I try to travel to some different city to meet up with my friends. Last weekend we decided to met up in Łódź.

Why Łódź? Mainly because my friend Albi studied there for 1 year, so he knew the place. There was a techno party on Friday night which we planed to go altogether. It took me about 4h to get there. First I took a train to Warsaw, later I went by underground to catch a couch to Łódź. I arrived after midnight to a very beautiful and modern station. Wow! If all city looks like that I will fall in love with the city – I thought. Soon after me my friends arrived to the same station and 5 of us went to a nearby club. It was a small, but pleasant place and we stayed there till the end of the night. If the party lasted longer we had stayed more. haha. We headed to a dormitory to throw a small afterparty and talk. Soon we got tired and went to beds to sleep.

I am grateful to my friends that they kept me warm on that chilly morning on the way to a dormitory. I am very grateful as well to an Albanian boy who study law, which my friends introduced me to, who let me sleep in his bed. I love to sleep and when someone helps to make me feel relaxed I always remember.  After I woke up he made me small breakfast and a coffee. He told me that in Łódź are only 3 nice places: the station which opened few weeks ago, the modern dormitory he lived in and a very big shopping mall which I couldn’t see during my short stay. Basically there’s not much more. lol. I liked the city anyway 🙂 Especially thanks to my friends. We will plan some other trip soon for sure!

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