Warsaw weekend photo trip, Poland

Last weekend with my friend Jarek we took our photo cameras and all photo equipment which we didn’t use for the whole winter. zdjecie warszawy2We bought 24h train ticket and decided to go to places to take some pictures.

zdjecie warszawy i kolezankiWe headed to the bank of Wisla river first to take some pictures on Friday evening. We found a perfect spot overlooking the city with Palac Kultury visible. Some girl sitting by agreed to be our photo model as well, so we took some shots of her as well. At the beginning of March I signed up for an online photography course, so now was about time to practice skills gained. Later we went to the city centre to take some shots of the buildings and to stroll around. The evening was a bit chilly, but I enjoyed the Friday evening a lot.

In the end I met some happy Ukrainian woman called Irena, who was going home from the Opera. I didn’t have much time to talk with her, because wzdjecie nad jezioreme wanted to catch the last train to Siedlce, but I hope I manage to meet up with her soon for a coffee.

As me and Jarek had 24h ticket and Saturday was quite sunny we went to local forest on that day to take some more photos and relax with nature before I needed to go to work. I find it a very relaxing hobby and I want to do it more often 🙂

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