Visiting a friend in Poznan + Motor Show

Hey! At the beginning of April I planned with my friend Karolina a trip to Poznan – a city in聽Greater Poland Voivodeship. She actually lives and study there, so she was going to showe in poznanw me around. I took a camera with me to take some stunning photos. Moreover a friend from my hometown decided to go with me.ratusz poznan

We took a train which was the most convenient form of transport at that time. While on the train I realized that during this weekend there is Poznan Motor Show! A lot of people were travelling to see child on market squarethe newest cars. It is the biggest motor show in Poland and takes place every year since 1992.

Adventure started on the train, because from Warsaw in our compartment we had 6 fathers and husbands in their mid 30’s who decided to get away to Poznan for a weekplayboy bunny poznanend and get crazy. In Poland ‘to get crazy’ means ‘to drink vodka an annoy people’. Anyway I am used to that, so after few hours we were in Poznan 馃檪

My friend met us at the train station. The first thing that we did was going to the main square to see goats on a clock tower who always at midday lock horns while the聽bugle-call is being played. A car collision poznanvery simple mechanism, but a lot of people comes to see them. No different was on that day.

We went to leave our small luggage in a place we were staying witnessing a car crash live on the way. From there we headed to watch the Poznan Motor Show. W were walking around taking plentyinfinity black s oznan motor show of pictures. We were able to see old cars, new cars, lorries, motorbikes, quad bikes, camper vans and much more! I really enjoyed that event. It was a surprise for me to attend it, but for a long time it was on my bucket list 馃檪

In the evening we went to have some delicious pasta and pancakes. I loved the places which my friend took us to. I love to eat and the food there was super amazing!

bmw tunningEvening we spent taking pictures of the city.

On Sunday was the day of the football match. Two the best teams of Poland played. Legia Warszawa – Lech Poznan. In the morning me and my friend did some more of sightseeing and we ate some more of delicious food. I liked the shopping center to which was possible to enter from the main street and then going 2 floors higher the exit on the other side took us to th park. It looked liked the park on the roof top, although it was just a big ground altitude聽difference 馃榾 The football game was starting czerwone ferrariin the evening. On our way back to the train station I experienced the atmosphere surrounding the big event like that football game. While on the super crowded tram one guy standing next to me called someone and after 1-2 min talk he started to sing a Lech Poznan chant. wow! All people in the tram joined him. To tell the truth not me, because I didn’t know the words. Then he said: ‘- He hung up on me. I called my friend from Warsaw. Anyway he lasted longer than last time’. Super funny event and super hyundai i30 premiera poznan motor showpositive energy. I think the next dream to fulfill in Poznan would be assisting a football game of its main team.

I really enjoyed a weekend in Poznan. Totally surprising. I made plenty of great memories. Thanks Karolina!klasyczny samoch贸d czarny motor nalesniki poznan porsche cabrio porsche wnetrze silnik samochodu

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