My life in Siedlce, my company & photography, Poland

I arrived to Poland after a long absence over 6 months ago. Since that time I run a company where I repair computers, laptops and mobile phones. I started it with my friend Samil from Azerbejdzan who wanted to do it with me, but he is more used to work from 9 to 5 with a fixed salary every month, so 2 weeks ago he stopped to run it with me and stayed at work at my brothers place where I organized him a place to work over a year ago. 2 weeks ago I started to train my new little helper who would be able to help me with work a bit.

Moreover two months ago while I was checking I found an offer on webinar in an Academy in Dublin. I could become student and learn about photography. I signed in for that and for this period of time I am attending two lessons per week of a live webinar, 1h each. Moreover at the beginning of the month I started another webinar, was on offer as well for 30 days, where I can learn how to use Lightroom. In total 4h of useful knowledge every week! I really enjoy learning about photography and I gained a lot of knowledge which I am starting to use in practice.

I want to share with you my reader that yesterday I watched a really cool movie called Passengers. Why did I like it? It’s about space and future which we may experience if the humanity will work hard enough to achieve it. It touches as well a sense of a human life. Sharing happiness is all we need 🙂

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