While living in Fortaleza…, Brasil

I listen from time to time to a Brazilian podcast by Marina Gomes. She talks about places, people, features of things and people, etc. Recently I listened to one about Jericoacoara and I reminded myself time when I was visiting this place a few years ago.

At that time I was living with my gf Thamiris in Fortaleza. She suggested that we go to Jeri as at that time I had zero knowledge about the place. Now I am very grateful to her for that idea. I was a boy at that time with little knowledge about the world. I look on the pictures of Jericoacoara now and I am stunned by them. Actually I have good and crazy memories from there which influence my point of view at the place.

It took few hours to get there from Fortaleza and we set off at early hours of the day from the seaside. Probably around 6am. Along the way we stopped at some restaurant to have lunch. I remember it was super hot already and I didn’t have much appetite, but the food looked delicious. Over there was already about 25 degrees Celsius after 9am.

We arrived to Jijoca de Jericoacoara and from there we were transported by jeeps to our ‘pousada’ (inn) in Jeri. A nice bumpy ride! We had some time to rest. Actually I was resting alone and my girl wanted to look the most beautiful and spent more than 1h in front of the mirror. It’s a shame… We could made some memories together. She was always super beautiful anyway, without all that make up and ideally brushed hair. When she was ready we headed by buggies to see Pedra Furada. I was angry with her that she spends so much time in front of the mirror instead of just relaxing a little and doing nothing. When we arrived we admired the nice rock, we took a picture there and we kissed under it. The legend says that after kissing under Pedra Furada the couple would get married, but I didn’t want to marry again so fast, so I needed to refuse the offer which appeared some weeks later. Anyway, from the rock we came back walking with some boy. It was normal we were meeting new boys all the time as Thamiris was a jewel and it was impossible to miss her. I didn’t understand Portuguese at that time so I was just walking with them like a donkey. lol. I was angry again, but this time I was using my anger to memorize and differentiate words and later learn their meaning.

The evening was beautiful. We went for a meal to one of the few restaurants. Thamiris told me that a town is a national park, so there was not allowed any street lighting. Beautiful thing 🙂 I remember that we didn’t enjoy the restaurant for a long time as Thamiris told me that she felt being seen by the owners of the restaurant as a prostitute. A theory about white boy and a back girl which was constantly in her head. I didn’t think about that as I was enjoying the moment, but we left. We went to the pool to swim, kiss, have sex and watch stars laying on the water’s surface. The last one I wasn’t good at as I am not a fun of water. We started to hear some voices, so we left to the room. She wanted to go to sleep, but I wanted to see more and meet someone and experience something, so I met two Brazilian boys sitting and drinking whisky at the reception of our inn. I was super lucky as they lived few years in London and spoke English perfectly 🙂 We had fun. Thamiris joined us for a moment, but she was more interested how to get to London and live there than in having fun. The boys told me about a small party in town and I wanted we go together but Thamiris wanted to sleep. The boys left as I was waiting for T to fall asleep and was going to join them later. When I left I realized I didn’t know where I am going, so I asked some strangers. They told me to wait with them as someone else is getting ready and we may go together. A brother of one girl had a stall with drinks, so I tried one with ‘ciruela’. I was getting tired and drunk, so I decided to go back to sleep. The next day was a storm as the boys said I wasn’t with them ‘T’ started to get jealous and imagined I was with some other girl which was true, but only because I was lost and I needed someone to show me around. Second day of this holiday was no fun at all, because of that misunderstanding and my silliness later on… :[

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