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My new blog Piotr’s World


I’m Piotr and I started a photo blog more than a year ago. Why photo blog? I thought it takes a little effort and time to post a picture from time to time. I was absolutely correct about it. Moreover I had that new fancy camera, so I had plenty pictures to choose from. I took much more pictures than I published on my blog, but a few is there. I will publish a link to my previous blog in the end of this post. I created My new blog Piotr’s World, because I started to write comments to my pictures and at some point I published only text without picture, so I made a decision that a blog in wordpress is much better for me, because it may become more popular here and I may have more fun interacting with new blog piotr's world

Why on my new blog Piotr’s World I made an allusion to a face? That’s very simple and funny. My girl was making me look younger and more beautiful! It is something very appropriate for upcoming Halloween. Have a look. lol

Then today I found an appropriate hosting for my blog which was affordable and reliable and I can start to write:) OK, actually I found a different one more affordable, but I had a chat with customer service of this one and they allowed me to get it a bit cheaper than normal price, so I pay the same what was supposed to pay for the other one, but I have faster server and better support. How good is that! I recommend it for all of you for a start, because it’s fast and reliable with great customer support: Hosting SEO –

Now I’m in Granada, Spain. If you’re interested in that city follow me here and I will let you know what is worth doing and what is better to avoid.

I promised as well the link to my previous photo blog. You may have a look, but be prepared that this one is going to be completely different than My new blog.
Ex blog here: