Modlin airport to Warsaw – how it may be done

So you decided to come to beautiful Warsaw and because you’ve heard it is very cheap in Poland. On top of that the flight was a bargain. Don’t tell me that once you landed you started to feel lost? How to get from the Modlin airport to Warsaw? Nothing to worry. It is not a rocket science. I will explain it to you in a few words.

travel modlin airport to warsaw - trainThere’s 3 main ways to get from Modlin airport to Warsaw: taxi, ModlinBus and by train. I wrote them from the fastest and the most expensive to the slowest and the chapest.

Of course to get a taxi is the easiest way to move around. You won’t need to wait for departure and it will take you to the preferred address directly. However, you will need to pay the most. Probably between 100 and 200 polish zloties.

Second option is ModlinBus. It runs frequently – once per hour – and you travel by coach directly from the airport to the Palace of Culture and Science in the city centre of Warsaw. It cost about 33zl and it takes 40 minutes to get to the destination.

There’s one more and the cheapest – 17zl – way of transport which I usually use, because I Modlin airport to Warsaw timetableneed to travel either to my friends in Warsaw or to my hometown. If you need to travel outside of Warsaw you may like this option. First of all you should go to information desk or to the big touch screen where you will be able to get more information about buses/trains you need to catch. Once you know where you’re going you start your travel in a bus which takes you in 10 minutes to the nearest train station. There you take one of the trains which take you to the city centre of Warsaw and in the city centre you may use any public transport for 1h what is included in your 17zl ticket. 3 in 1 🙂 Cool, but takes about 70 minutes to get to the Warsaw city centre.

Modlin airport to Warsaw

Flying to Modlin airport the flight is cheap and in most cases it is definitely worth doing it. You just must be prepared to spend some time in a taxi, bus or train to get from Modlin airport to Warsaw city centre.

Travel Granada Malaga Warsaw – how?

It’s Christmas time and recently many people decided to travel to see their relatives. I was not different. I made a decision to travel quite late, because in mid December, but first what I did was to look through flights. To travel Granada Malaga Warsaw that’s the most convenient way. As I booked not many days in advance I needed to pay €110. It wasn’t cheap, but sometimes planes change in the last moment and there is no other choice.

As I live in Granada I needed to find some transport to the airport. I didn’t have big choice. One option was to travel with someone who posted an announcement on BlaBlaCar. Quite a lot of people travel every day, so there’s quite a big choice of drivers available. Just be sure that they are able to pass through the airport and travel at an hour convenient for you.  If there are only people who go to the city centre of Malaga you may get to the airport by train for €1,80 which takes you there in 10 minutes.

The other option is to travel by bus. They aren’t as frequent as BlaBaCar, so you must plan your departure much in advance. Travel from the city centre of Granada to Malaga’s airport takes about 1:30h and bus stops to drop off passengers in the city of Malaga. However recently I’ve heard that some of them go directly to the airport. That might be only in busy periods like Christmas. Buses are big and comfortable and are on time.

Travel Granada Malaga Warsaw

When you finally get to the airport head to the terminal 3 where is security control. Once you pass it head to your gate. It takes 4h to get to Warsaw. Actually I flew to an airport which is located a bit outside of Warsaw. There’s Chopin’s airport in the centre. If your plane took you to the one outside called Modlin read my guide how to get out of there 🙂 Warsaw Modlin – what’s next?

Visit to Alhambra Granada

Last week during Spanish ‘puente weekend’, which means in Spanish slang ‘a long weekend’, I finally decided to pay a visit to Alhambra Granada. It’s the most well known place around and because it is visible from far away it became an object of admiration by many. Especially visitors of ‘Mirador de San Nicolas’ in Albayzin neighbourhood of Granada can see an Alhambra palace in its full sublimity.

Alhambra means “the red one” and it is a palace and fortress complex. In 889 it was constructed as a small fortress and in the 13th century was completely rebuild by Moorish emir Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar. In 1333 Sultan of Granada Yusuf I from Nasrid dynasty converted it to a royal palace. In 1492 Catolic Monarchs conquested Granada and overcame last Moorish muslim dynasty, which I mentioned above. The Palace of Charles V was built in 1527 in the centre. It became one of Spain’s major tourist attractions, exhibiting the country’s most significant and well known Islamic architecture.

Visit to Alhambra Granada

visit to Alhambra Granada - Patio of the Gilded Room
Patio of the Gilded Room
Arabesques in Alhambra
Arabesques in Alhambra

From the entrance I headed straight to the Nasrid Palace as my ticket stated admittance for 2pm. After the brisk walk through the garden path I was at the door. People were
queuing and after a short while we ere allowed inside. I was amazed by all what I was able to see inside. All walls and even ceilings are masterpieces. Everything decorated with Arabic inscriptions that are manipulated into geometrical patterns called arabesques. My attention gained windows in unusual shape with stunning views on all surrounding city of Granada. Inside beautiful patios with unusual fountains providing water. Especially beautiful marble Fountain of Lions. Moors were proud of their ingenious hydraulic system and I completely understand why. It amazes me till today.

Charles V Palace inside
Charles V Palace inside square

When I was thinking I saw a lot the reality was that my visit to Alhambra Granada has just
started. Next place to have a look at was the Charles V Palace. A big building made of large stones outside and with round square inside surrounded by many columns. Impressive and unusual place.

Alcazaba flags on the tower
Alcazaba’s 4 flags on the tower


Walking through the Puerta del Vino (Gate of wine) I got to the highest point of all complex which is Alcazaba were is located the highest wall of the fortress and its tower on top of which are four flags of Spain, Portugal, Granada and Andalusia. Beautiful view on all around from there. For typical person from here unusual is forest of green trees which started to change their colour for red and yellow. FromSierra Nevada view from Alcazaba my point of view that’s very normal, because in Poland we have plenty of trees and I was born there. I liked to look far away at the mountains of Sierra Nevada covered with snow. This view is very unique for me.

On the picture view of Sierra Nevada


Generalife fountains
Generalife fountains

Last point of the visit to Alhambra Granada was Generalife. I needed to rush to there as I spent plenty of time in previous locations. I had just half an hour left! It was a leisure place for the kings of Granada. In the palace is many beautiful fountains, but here is even more. Plenty of water, flours and very green gardens. Buildings are very simple. This place was definitely created to run away from splendid life to contemplate in peace close to the nature.

My visit to Alhambra Granada was an amazing experience. I spent there full 4h and it definitely wasn’t enough. I’ve seen an architecture like never before in my life. Now is late autumn, so the nature was preparing for winter. I would like to come back to Alhambra in April or May to see the nature awaken. It must be the most beautiful period to visit the Nasrid Palace and Generalife.

Court of the Myrties Wall arabesques in Alhambra
Daraxa's Mirador
Beautiful arabesques Alhambra Granada
Decorated wall of Palacios NazariesDaraxa's Garden
Decoration of Palacios Nazariesstairs generalife Small door in Nasrid PalaceCeiling of east Hall by Palace of the Lions
Hall of the Abencerrajes in AlhambraLadies Tower AlhambraCharles V Palace from outsideOrange trees Generalife


Alhambra view from Generalifearabic coffee in Granada

Cheap cell phone repair in Poland

Hejka. In this article I will tell you why in this day and age that the cheap cell phone repair is important and how best to reach your desired service.

Cheap cell phone repair

The mobile phone became available to most people. The number of features it offers constantly grows by getting a lower price. Lower price mobile phone makes that we are looking for more and cheaper way to have it repaired. Cheap phone repair usually associated with professional approach and incorrect implementation of mandated service, because in most cases still go to expensive reputable sites. But whether the cheap cell phone repair must be associated with a quality 'gorsza '?

I introduce to you two main ways to achieve low cost. The first is to purchase a part (like LCD, digitizer, etc.) in the local store or via the internet and repair at home. The second way, the service is less convenient and more willing to guarantee not to have to worry about in the near future if something goes wrong again.

In the first case, the thought comes, of course, the popular auction site in Poland, Allegro. Many retailers offer there parts for mobile phones in a competitively low prices. If you plan to make repairs yourself, you should try to buy parts for the cheapest phone. Even if you buy them at a local store, an incorrect installation, warranty will not be recognized, and to save by buying a lot of cheap mail order you will have the buffer funds to send an item under warranty if you would fail. My advice-cut costs first and foremost!

In the second situation, you entrust your equipment in the hands of professionals. Now them pregnant the whole responsibility of obtaining efficient parts and mounting it in a way that ensures the proper functioning of the. After the repair and warranty shall apply in the event of trouble, you know who to report. Warranty repairs will be made free of charge. I have used the services of a company RingKING, who runs a shipping repair mobile phones throughout the Polish. Describe your vulnerability prior to dispatch of the phone, and they show You the cost of the repair. After accepting the valuation may send a courier under your door to pick up the consignment. To the RingKing prompted me for my laziness-without leaving home-and, above all, advantageous prices.

For most people, I recommend the second way, because most professional companies buys parts in bulk by retrieving them in much lower prices than the person who wants to make a single purchase. And in the second case, cheap cell phone repair narawdę is cheap, because paying a few dollars more than we would have to do it yourself get a professional repair and professional service for the duration of the warranty. It's called peace of mind.

A few words about this company before I RingKing. It supports salons and telephone services throughout the country, especially in the larger towns and cities Polish: Kraków, Wrocław, Warsaw, Poznań, Szczecin, Olsztyn, Lublin, Gdańsk, Katowice, Częstochowa, etc.

Is close relative death a big traumatic experience?

As yesterday a very close person of mine again started to cry while thinking about one close relative death which occurred exactly 2 years away from yesterday I begun to imagine how may I feel if someone close to me will be gone. I know I may be very shallow writing things which for many probably state an obvious (some already said that I am, because I don’t understand how it is), but questions like:

  • would I feel pain inside??
  • would I cry?
  • would I avoid to talk about the topic?
  • would I be angry if someone would try to ask me about ‘the missing person’?
  • will I have nightmares and wake up sweating and shaking at night?

At this point of my life an answer to all those questions is NO.

Close relative death is unavoidable

Everyone have heard about Darwin and his theory. I hope that you’re aware that it’s still valid nowadays. Human being is just one of the many species of flora & fauna which may be found on the Earth. Nothing and noone lives forever – look at the dinosaurs! In my opinion everyone needs to be aware that his fish or cat would die one day as would do one’s mommy, daddy or close friend. That’s unavoidable! Should we be sad that someone passed away? Of course for a couple of first weeks may be hard without someone by our side, but the world is still spinning whether we want it or not. Every human being lives to be happy, so I have an advice for all those which are iClose friends by the tablen sorrow: get a grip and continue your life. You are an amazing person and there’s many cool people around you. Smile and give a good example for others. Remember your smile may change someone’s life.

I agree that close relative death may be a painful experience, because of that do the most
of today! It’s very important to appreciate what you have and who you have around you. It won’t be forever. You can start to learn from the movies. Do you know Furious 7?

Ibiza beach walk to remember

I want to share a story from my unusual Ibiza beach walk which happened to me and my friend one day. As usual we were passing by Playa den Bossa as we did almost every day during summer having our relaxing Ibiza beach walk. We didn’t expect something different may happen that day.

In the morning we spoke with our manager and he told us that in August the most unusual things happen on the island of Ibiza. He said that the most beautiful moments and experiences are made in this month, but, on the other hand, people have accidents, some die, etc. Sounded scary at first, but things happen everywhere we thought and didn’t expect nothing crazy to happen.

Ibiza beach walk like no other

That day was after the full moon. On a days like that more than a half of the sand of the beach is under 5cm cover of water. It’s nice to walk on that water, because is pleasantly hot, but it is more difficult to sit down and relax on those days. During our Ibiza beach walk we met some Russian people and had a chat with them. Couple of minutes after when we finished, my friend told me that he saw a very beautiful girl while we were with Russians, but she had got very sad eyes. I looked in her direction, however couldn’t see her face, because was walking towards the ocean. Everything seemed cool until the moment that she was walking deeper and deeper in her dress on and some sandals. She started to swim to the canoe tied to a boy marked end of secure swimming area. 2-5 minutes spent there and sh jumped off and swam away from the beach still in her dress, but left her shoes in the canoe… Usual Ibiza beach walk gave us a thrill at that moment. We felt that something was wrong, but we could only watch, when suddenly one of the lifeguards, a girl, jumped into the water to follow her. She swam fast and catch up with the other one, but it was already very far. The sad eyes girl stopped for a moment, but wasn’t convinced to go back and carried on to swim away. The other lifeguards saw what’s going on and instantly jumped into a motorboat. Waves were very big, because day was windy and was difficult to push the motorboat away from the beach. They struggled for a while before could to go. We stood there like struck by the lightening and watching with strange feeling in our hearts… If only we asked why she was sad everything could have been different. The sad girl unwillingly get on board and they came back all together. Probably headed to some doctor right away.

I was there thinking why I didn’t pay attention to her at all when my friend noticed she was sad. I am sure if he were given a second chance he would have spoken to her. That’s the lesson.Try to notice people around you and if you’re able make someone happy don’t hesitate to do that. Your smile and a good word may change somebody’s life.