Maj├│wka in Poland. What is it & how to celebrate it?

Hey. I’m going to tell you how is the beginning of May celebrated in Poland. Basically there are two main day to celebrate when everyone is off work. Many Polish people always try to organize some trip or meet with friends and family or just do some housework (repairing sink, painting the door, gardening, etc.) as everyone have got a lot of time on hand and the weather is usually warm and sunny already. Many people decide to do a barbecue and to drink vodka ­čśÇ Continue reading “Maj├│wka in Poland. What is it & how to celebrate it?”

Champions League evening in bars of Siedlce

Semi finals of Champions League were on that evening. It was the game between Atl├ętico Madryt and FC Bayern Munich. First of those teams I liked for the last few years. I like the style of football they play. I heard from time to time about their successes while living in Spain. On the other side Bayern Munich with the best Polish player playing for them – Robert Lewandowski. I wanted to watch this game. I was emotionally connected with both teams. Continue reading “Champions League evening in bars of Siedlce”

Warszawa, one evening with friends

My plane was delayed almost an hour, so I arrived late. It was about 9pm at Chopin airport. I made a call to my gilfriend, but a my friends knew I’m coming to Warsaw they started to call me and insist I come to them. Finally I told them I’ll come late as I wanted to finish the conversation on the phone, so some of them said they won’t be able to meet, because they know me and are aware that it would take a long time before I finish and arrive to the centre. Continue reading “Warszawa, one evening with friends”

Madrid, Spain, short visit

The plane arrived very late, but I still managed to use the metro which runs until 1am what my friend told me. Two changes of lines were necessary , but finally I arrived airport_madrid_moving_lanewithout disruptions and with help of people I found a street which was only two crossroads away from metro station. I’ve heard the music of the guitar and people singing and laughing above, so I knew I’m in the right place. They were having a party! Continue reading “Madrid, Spain, short visit”