Thoughts about my family, Siedlce

Everyone has got some parents. We have a better or worse contact with them. Many people grow up with them in one home seeing them almost every day. After man years of living abroad I decided to come back for some time to my home town to spend some time around my parents, but actually now we don’t have much in common.

As for today I prefer to don’t talk to my mother as her character and personality is unbearable and my father usually doesn’t have much time for me. As for this reason I tried to find in my mind something which I remember the most about them from my life and I came up with quite funny conclusion.

My mother always was saying ‘It’s late already. It’s time to sleep.’ The main thing she repeated on daily bases. She doesn’t say many clever things and this sentence many would say that sounds quite reasonable.

As about my father I remember that he never have time for me. Even on the phone he disconnected as fast as he can, cause he always busy. Without saying ‘bye’, but ‘I can’t talk right now’ instead. Later during my life I noticed that I behaved too many times like that with people I cared about. I am happy that I realized that and now I am not going to behave this way as I think rushing is not necessary in most of life’s situations.

Those are quite odd things to remember about parents, but that’s reality which need to be accepted. Oh well :/