yearly student carnival, Łódź, Poland

Now is time of Juwenalia (yearly student carnival) in various academic institutions in Poland. My friend Elian invited me to Łódź to celebrate it there. I went there on 19th of May till 21st of May.

Łódź is 4h away from Siedlce by train with a change in Warsaw Wschodnia. Elian met me in Łódź Fabryczna station and we went t eat something. It was a very pleasant afternoon. Albi decided to come from Wroclaw as well and joined us in the evening. We filled up a backpack with beers and went out to drink and laugh with people. There was a lot of international students from Ukraine, Spain, Nigeria, Albania, Andora, Brasil, etc. I was nicely surprised. Completely like not a Polish city. Cool! We went to some club and we were dancing and drinking on a party in front of some dormitory till dawn.

Next day we sleept looong. lol

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