Final decisions in Ibiza 2017

This year I arrived to Ibiza in the end of July. To be there during the high season was absolutely enough for me. I had spent 2 summers already on that magical island. Doing some work on the beach and relaxing with an international crowd was the thing my body and mind needed. After many amazing experiences which I may describe later I decided to leave.

I wasn’t still sure what date to choose for my flight. I was sure that on Monday 4th of September I wanted to go to cocoon party in Amnesia as Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Hito, Ben Klock and Nastia were playing. Of course, partying is  always better with friends around.

Me and my colleagues started the day as usual with the meeting at 11:30am. We spoke with some potential customers and after that I went with my pal to have a nap in our favourite spot on the beach. During our chill time I wrote in the workers whatsapp group to my colleagues to send me their names if they need discounted guestlist for Cocoon party. Almost all of them answered, so I was very happy we would be able to party together 🙂 Answered as well my boss who wanted to have an inmiddiate meeting with me. Unfortunately at that point (actually 10 minutes later) my chill time was over. On the way back we spoke to some people and sold them a party package. My manager was fuming because was waiting for me for over an hour. lol 😀 When I arrived I had a personal meeting with him and the other big boss of the company. The first thing he asked me:

  • Do you want to work?

A question seemed ridiculous. “If I will want to stop I will let you know.” I said. They added I give bad energy to the team, which was only their point of view out of nowhere. Probably because I laughed from time  to time at their bossy comments. Anyway, that meeting assured me that I need to buy my flight ticket soon as I don’t want to work any longer for those people. Italian <vomit> and Iranian <aka mafia boss>. After I quit company I could  only stay in their apartment for 2 extra days. For any days longer the bosses needed to agree for me to stay and the rent daily rate was higher. I wanted to avoid that, so I was going to work, to party and finally quit my job on 10th of September.

I really enjoyed the cocoon party with all my mates. The Italian manager came as well with his girlfriend. I completely dont understand his approach. Once during the summer is beautiful to do a staff event. Memories of that day surely will stay with all of us forever!

I will remember Kyle who told me that I was dancing in the middle of the room under blue lamp which was constantly flashing at me. I will remember as well a sweet South American girl who went home with me and while in bed together she told me she can’t have an orgasm with a boy. That was rather shocking information. How can I go to sleep without making a girl come?! Situations like that I call ‘Ibiza life’. All in all good memories matters 🙂

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