Brad my matie, Ibiza, Spain

While living and working in Ibiza meeting new people is inevitable. All tourist and workers who decide to go to that magical island are going there to have fun and to enjoy parties and leisure time with amazing people around them. I again met some very different people, with different characters, from different parts of the world, with different ways of having fun. One of those people was my colleague Brad.

I’m writing about him, because he was a super nice person and I want to remember some summer stories with him ๐Ÿ™‚ In Ibiza we were working in couples normally. In different days with different people normally or we could choose our partner and stick together as long as we wanted if we were having fun together. With Brad I was working a few times and at the beginning a team leader paired us because he thought that we would do well together – in his eyes I looked like a criminal and Brad like a sweet, good, innocent boy.

I remember the day that we met 2 Palestinian girls. One beautiful and the other a bit fat in a big glasses with weird banker’s character. We invited them to our bar where we recommended them some parties that they can do. It was Monday’s afternoon and they were going to leave on Wednesday’s evening, so they didn’t have much time in Ibiza. Finally they told us that they love boat parties and decided to take one for Tuesday and one for Wednesday. Four of us laughed and talked and at some point they said they won’t buy parties we agreed from us, because they stopped to trust us! I asked why and the banker one said that Brad seems too good and they don’t believe stories he tells. For the first time I’ve heard something like that! They wanted to leave but I told them to ask Brad questions is something is difficult to comprehend. In the meantime I called my team leader to bring some positive energy to the table and rebuild trust. It worked and they bought finally what they wanted.

The same week on Wednesday we met an engineer from Formula 1 team who was chilling with his girlfriend on the beach. While talking with them I received a whatsapp message from a Palestinian girl that she lost her banker friend last night in swag and she asked me to try to help her to find her. It was hilarious. We laughed a lot with Brad. That banker girl in big thick glasses nobody would had suspected he can get lost in the club and it really happened. It was 2pm already and they were going to leave at 7pm. Of course they needed to check out from the hotel when the one was still missing. In the end they flew out together like they came.

Brad was a very positive person like me. Moreover all girls liked him because he was tall and muscular. He was a joiner, but I called him ‘Zimmerman’ after some Germans introduced the word. ๐Ÿ˜€ I remember the day when he asked some girl whose skin was quite burnt: -Did you fall asleep?’ -why? -because you are very burnt.; and we decided to ask it to a black skinned person. hahaha. Good times ๐Ÿ™‚

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