End of the 2017 thoughts, Poland

I wrote this some time ago, but I was cut off from my website, so I post it today. Just before my trip to Miami Beach. Happy reading ๐Ÿ™‚

Once I read “you may forget what people said, but you will never forget how they made you feel”. I was watching a movie ‘Before we go” and after it finished to my mind came an idea of the most beautiful feeling in my life so far. I’m not sure why this one and I’m not sure if it’s realy or I was impacted by the story in the movie, but the feeling was unique one for sure.I met that girl in Mallorca and she moved to Reus in about a week later. I don’t know why I spoke with her after she left, actually I know, probably because she was beautiful, with a cheerful smile, friendly, seemed calm. Now I think that just seemed calm… I don’t know completely how I came up with an idea to visit her in Reus. Hmm… Probably the reasons were the same and it wasn’t far, but how the hell I decided to move to the city I knew nothing about where everyone spoke Catalan and I even couldn’t speak simple Spanish?! My memory don’t tell me much about it. Was it my idea or hers? Must have been mine, cause I rarely do what others want me to do. Unless it is an significant ‘other’.

I remember when she met me close to the bus station. I remember it was about afternoon and I was thinking that I still have time to plan something in case she hadn’t showed up. A bit of uncrtainty, but controlled one.

Next thing I remember we prepared a delicious dinner. Actually I was looking more at her than at the food. The moment was so cool that I took a picture of her. I remember chicken, sweetcorn, her dark, summery skin, green short shorts, her loose T-shirt and wavy hair. Why was it so special? Probably her smile added some magic to the moment.

My memory is bad, but I started to concentrate on food now. Huh. Obvious, she made delicious food. But the moment was different… maybe it was next morning, maybe not. She was leaving to university and on the way out she said: ‘don’t steal my things’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ Funny, but I really appreciated that she let me stay few hours more in her flat. For many it may be normal, but for me it was an enormous act of kindness which I have never experienced before. This emotion is hard for me to explain. The kindness and sincerity struck me and I felt cared about and trusted by someone I had strong feelings to. All of that being accompanied by me being afraid and watchful because of being in an unknown place which I knew nothing about, situation in which I never put myself before.

I think it was as well the same day that I left a note for the sweetest girl on the planet just before I left to accompany me on some wedding. While writing wishing to see her again shortly and try to give her back some of that kindness. Actually I didn’t know much about kindness at that point, so I wasn’t able to give her even a tenth of that she gave to me. I will always remember.

I noticed by writing this piece that memories may fade, but feelings stay.
Hmm… How long does it take to forget the feeling? Sometimes a lifetime.

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