New Year 2019 & Last 6 months,Toruń, Poland

Hi. I’ve been living since August last year in Toruń. Why? I decided to run two companies in two different cities to gather new experience. It’s been a good time with many new challenges. I learned how to organize things better and that I need well trained and experienced workers, otherwise my knowledge is useless as I can’t be in two places at the same time. I’ve been enjoying my job and life so far, but with time more responsibilities will come and more expenses as well. I’ve decided to reorganize my companies. I will stop running the one in Toruń. I will keep it presence online as it is more oriented at online sales of goods and services, but the headquarters will be only one in Siedlce. This way it would be easier for me to make good decissions in a faster way. I am lacking of a intelligent cooperate. Moreover I’ll cut many expenses. I’ll have time for different activities.

I service PC computers, laptops, mobile phones, gaming consoles and recently I do SEO & SEMfor some of my clients. Now I am creating a website for a local company offering cleaning services. Doing this kind of work, having a company in a one place is absolutely enough. Many people decide to fix their devices by delivering them to me by post anyway, so changing an address onone of my websites is an easy thing to do. The life should be easy 🙂 I would have more time for short trips to various places and to play computer games online. Mainly I play LoL.

I need to start to look for a person who will live in my rented room in Toruń. As well I will cease my rent of the shop space in the city centre. I plan that both of those things can take me up to 2 months. Changes take time.

I’ve started year 2019 with some new ideas in mind. Every day brings new challenges and new opportunities. I believe that life is not getting easier, it’s me who is getting better.

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