Wedding and good moments in life

On Friday I went to a wedding of my friend. I haven’t been on a polish wedding for a very long time. I haven’t been a big fan of going to any kind of parties recently. I made this exception, because my very good friend from an university was getting married.

As I haven’t been living in Poland for many years I decided to attend the ceremony with a companion. I went there with Aleksandra who I met 2 weeks ago on Tinder. It was easier for me to go the wedding with someone who is accustomed to this kind of parties.

We went to the church wedding in Mordy and

later attended a wedding party in Moscibrody. I really liked how the party was organized. There was a lot of games in which guests could interact with each other. It was a lot of fun! The food was tasty as well. I really enjoyed my time there, especially thanks to Aleksandra who is a kind, friendly and outgoing person. She was spreading a good energy all around her.

I’m super happy I could attend a ceremony and take my part in this important day for my friend. I’m certain that the memories of the ceremony, the people and the place will stay with me for a very long time. It’s in a big part thanks to Aleksandra who was an amazing dancing partner throughout all night long. I’m super grateful for being able to meet her. I am happy too that I decided to leave my mobile phone at home, this way I could focus 100% on things which were happening around me.

To summarize, I’d like to note that sometimes in life we meet people who become an important part of it. I think it’s mostly cause of small gestures and an effort which they make to enjoy every minute. By giving your time and offering small gestures to others you really can make a difference. I still remember a day in Italy about 10 years ago when I didn’t know the exact way to our destination. I asked a man in a small restaurant ‘in the middle of nowhere’ about the way. He said to follow his car for 5-10km and he guided us on the right path. I think offering the time and an attention make moments special and unforgettable.

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