Wedding in Mazury, Poland

In the end of June one of my cousins called Joanna got married. I attended the wedding as many members of my family did too. It was a nice event. Joanna was a dancer in Kraszewo folklore dancing group, so she and her team did a special performance for guests. She met her husband in that group and now they got married. It’s a quite nice story.

I haven’t been in Poland for a long time and I haven’t seen many members of my family during that period of time, so we could catch up on things. I met Natalia there. She was a super sweet girl and we danced together and had a good time. I think she was there with her boyfriend, but she helped me to find myself in a Polish reality. Thank you Natalia!

After 2 weeks, what is about now, I came to visit my aunt and uncle. I did some sightseeing too and visited few surrounding cities. They have a lot of fields and forest in Poland and cities are quite small, but more and more tourists starts to arrive here.

I visited Olsztyn where they have a statue of Copernicus (there is one in Toruń too, which is another Polish city in the center of the country).

My aunt and uncle’s house is located few kilometres away from the city and surrounded by forest.

During my stay I tried super tasty cake in one of the restaurants. It had crunchy parts at the bottom and creamy at the top. The taste was of caramel. Super delicious! I’ve never tried something like that before.

Only the weather wasn’t spoiling me. There were days with a lot of rain and the temperature during the day was around 15 grades Celsius, so there was no time for sunbathing.

All in all I’m happy I came here and saw an other part of Poland. I had time to relax too and opportunity to breath the fresh air, but it’s coming time to head back and do some work, so tomorrow morning I will be departing. Nice short brake away from people, but I prefer big cities.

My breakfasts 🙂

Super spicy food which I prepared for my family. Their bodies got hot ?

And I saw my cousin sailing with this small boat.

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