Summer 2019 – visiting friends in Ibiza & Albania

As human memory is very forgetful I think it is super cool to have a blog with some events from live written, so at a future day I can ready it and think to myself: have it really happened?

My friends were inviting me to visit them for a while, but I always had other things to do or no spare budget for trips. Finally I decided to visit my friend in Ibiza, but while looking for flight tickets I found a cheap connection to Albania as I showed it to my friend he straight away said: ‘buy it!’. It took me an hour to decide and I just bought it. Planning came later as it was 6 days to my trip & I still needed to buy flight ticket to Ibiza where connections from Poland are not so great.

One week in Albania visiting an old friend

My friend Albi is a tour guide in his country during summer, so he met me at the airport. It was great to see him. We had a delicious coffee. There are places in the world where they always have a delicious coffee. Why Poland is not one of them?

We drive to Durres where my friend has his beach house. Albania is a developing country, so the first thing which struck my attention was number of buildings in construction and a petrol station every 2km along a 30km long motorway connecting two cities.

I went to the beach, went for a few trips and tried as much local food as possible. The local special is white cheese and watermelons + some other local products. What I liked to eat the most was the seafood! I ordered it almost everyday in restaurants as it was delicious and fresh.

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