Internship + job contracr for my worker. Siedlce, Poland

At the beginning of this year I decided to organize an internship. The European Union has this program for young people where they invest some money in preparing young people to take on a job and get some skills to be valuable on the market.

The local job office had some funds available, so I applied and chose a candidate which I thought was suitable to teach and who would be of some help for me.

6 months I was teaching him and because he had already some basic knowledge it was only sometimes a difficult task to do 😉

After the preparation period it was time for me and for him to decide if we want to continue to work together. I could give him a part time contract at the beginning as with his basic skills he didn’t bring much new to the company. In my opinion new skills are necessary to grow the business. Basic skills give only some support to the current business, so they have less money value than new and unique skills. He however wanted to work full time. Finally we agreed for a one month part time contract. He didn’t have any other job going on and I thought he may be interested with a basic job for a start.

After a month, so in the end of October the contract finished and for the time being we are parting our ways. A new month is starting. New challenges for me, work will be organized a bit different. In the end I think everything will work out as life is a constant change and I am used to that. Let’s the future begin 🙂

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